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Helping you succeed is our number one priority. We create a learning environment that encourages student learning with positive reinforcement and innovative teaching stragtegies. We know our students have incredible potential and make sure to unlock that potential so that they grow, academically and personally. We utilize the latest technology on an ongoing basis in order to facilitate student learning in new, interactive ways, in step with industry advancements.

The Best Way To Teach
Is To Praise And Encourage

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Is In Education And Learning

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  • Improve Your Grades
  • Learn Test Taking Techniques
  • Increase Your Self Confidence
  • Develop Successful Study Skills
  • Improve Your Focus & Concentration

  • From Kindergarten to College
  • All Subjects
  • Free Assessment Tests
  • Test Preps
  • Games

Better Test Taking

Bravo will help you develop better test-taking techniques to achieve a better understanding of exam questions

Successful Study Skills

Bravo will help you develop better studying skills and techniques to assist with exam homework and test preparation

All Subjects

Math: Basic Math - Algebra I & II - Geometry - Trigonometry - Math Analysis - PreCalculus - Calculus - Linear Algebra - Discrete Mathematical Structures - Statistics

Languages: Reading - Writing - English - ESL - Spanish - Armenian - Russian - Farsi - Linguistics

Science: General & Organic Chemistry - Biology - Physics - Physiology - Psychology - Sociology

Test Preps: SAT - PSAT - ACT - GRE - GMAT - CBEST - HS Exit Exam - TOEFL

Other: History - Government - Economics


We teach games as an important part of student learning.

Enroll in individual lessons or join our Game Club!

Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Go, Card Games, and more...

Free Assessment Tests

Bravo provides free assessment tests in Math and English for grades 2 thru 11 and follows California standardized testing guidelines
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