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Our students are our success story. Your kind words are always appreciated. Below is a sample of the feedbacks that we have received.


Cat-Van, Valedictorian, Glendale

Mariana Gost, Glendale

Karina Arakelian, Glendale

Karen Berberian, Los Feliz

Armine, Glendale

Telman, 7th Grade

Max with tutor Giselle

Cosmo Kuscienka learning Spanish

Arnold Baghomian, Glendale

Cherilyn, 11th Grade, Geometry

Cherilyn, 11th Grade, Burbank

Suren Sarma, SAT Prep, Arcadia

Chris Lee, 6th Grade

Stephan with tutor Armond

Kevin & Arvin Shirali, Glendale

Jane, 12th Grade, LA

Anna, 4th Grade, Glendale

Jay, 2nd Grade, Glendale

Greg, 3rd Grade, Glendale

Ailin, 3rd Grade, Glendale

Norvin, 9th Grade, Glendale

Armen with tutor Narineh




"Dear Mr. Mardirossian: First of all, I would like to thank you and the tutors from Bravo Learning Center who have been providing tutoring for Cat-Van in the last two years. With all your help, Cat-Van graduated high school this year with high honors, as a valedictorian. She has been accepted in all the UC Colleges that she applied (UC Berkley, UCLA, UC Irvine and UC San Diego). With no doubt, the help from you and the tutors from Bravo Learning Center has played a big part in her achievements. This fall she will start her freshman year at UCLA."

"Bravo Learning Center is the first institution we will consider when Cat-Van needs tutoring. We also will continue to recommend Bravo Learning Center to our friends and family memebers. Again, we would like to thank you and are very appreciative for the tutoring and advice that you and the turos have given to Cat-Van"
- Cat-Van's Parents, Glendale

"I found out about Bravo Learning Center through a friend.  When I saw the amazing results she had with their tutors, I had to give it a try.  After only 7 months of tutoring, I have already learned & understood more than in all my years of high school.  Bravo Learning Center tutors are patient & knowledgeable.  The one-on-one has helped me move beyond my crippling "math-phobia".  Transferring from junior college to a university, seemed like an impossible dream but Best Learning Center has made my dream a reality & within reach" 
- Mariana Gost, College Student, Algebra

"The tutors at the Bravo Learning Center are a parent's dream! They are kind, talented & always accessible"
- Linda Sivertsen, West Coast Editor (Balance Magazine), LA

"Hovik himself and the tutors he hires are highly qualified and really patient. They don't rush you, and make sure you get the material before movin on. Hovik basically helped me get through high school math, and pass my SAT with a 1,760 :)" 
- Karina Arakelian, High School, Algebra, PreCalculus, and SAT Prep

"I was so afraid about taking Statistics which is a required class to get my degree in Behavioral Sciences. I set up appointments at Bravo Learning & the Instructor was very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. I passed the class with a "B". I would not hesitate on recommending Bravo Learning to friends and family"
- Carmen Mackey, College Student, Glendale

"My 11 year old daughter Karen was getting D's in Math. No matter how I tried to explain, she wouldn't understand. Then my prayers were answered. I found Hovik. She started her tutoring in March 2007 and her final grade at the end of school year June 2007 was an 'A'. Hovik is very caring and patient. He really does care and wants to help. He is the best."
- Hasmik Berberian, Los Feliz

"Bravo Learning is a great place.  There is a lot of tutoring there.  My tutor is Hovik.  He makes learning more fun.  I learn lots of things from him.  I have lots of friends at Bravo Learning.  I like going on the computer because you get to play games & type.  I like to do my homework there because Hovik helps and it is fun."

  "I think Bravo Learning is a great place to study because there is Hovik.  Hovik is the best tutor in Bravo Learning because he is funny and helpful to the kids. I think Hovik has the best dog because she is nice and friendly.  Bravo Learning is the best place to study.  I know another tutor named Armine.  She is also nice and kind like Hovik.  Bravo Learning is the best tutoring center"
- Armine, 4th Grade, Math & Writing

"My 7-th grade son started tutoring about a year ago from ground zero.  Right away I started seeing big changes in his attitude and enthusiasm.  He seems much happier now & his grades have improved.  Thank you for your tutoring & I would recommend you to everyone.  Anyone who uses your services will see big changes in their kid right away.  I plan to use your services as long as my son is a student.  I am also very thankful for your patience and assistance"
- Sousanna Tashchyan, Glendale

"When my son Max in middle school began having difficulty with algebra, it became a problem for the whole family.  As a result, his focus in his other classes became effected as well. Being an honor roll student, he felt a lot of pressure to pull his grades up, but this proved impossible to do on his own. After school tutoring was no help at all, nor was an independent outside tutor.  His grades were slipping, and he was close to failing his algebra class.  As a last resort, I started making phone calls, searching for anything or anyone who could help.  When I called Bravo, that is when things started to turn around."

"His improvement began almost immediately.  He responded well to the level of respect and patience that you showed him, and his other grades improved as well.  The individual attention was invaluable to him.  By the next semester, his algebra grade rose to a 'C', a beginning.  The next semester, all of his grades were A's and B's.  He is back on track, & feels good about himself.  I credit you & your efforts with my son to be the single factor in restoring him to the confident, successful student that he is today. Please accept my heartfelt thank you for a job well done!!!  I would wholeheartedly recommend Bravo to any parent who finds themselves with a student who is struggling.  It was without a doubt the answer for us"
- Nancy Kuscienka, Eagle Rock

"I was at a point where I knew enough English to get by, but I was mostly hanging out with Koreans & not learning more. Armine changed all that. She helped me gain a new self-confidence & improve my speaking & presentation skills"
- Eunuk Chung, College Student, Pasadena

"I have been coming to your center for a few years, on & off, & see a major improvement in me. Your tutors are very friendly & a great help"
- Arnold Baghomian, Glendale

"I recently graduated high school. I thank Hovik from Bravo Learning for guiding me to that accomplishment. I am a strong student, with the exception of math. My struggle with math began in fourth grade when we were learning out multiplication tables. It never clicked with me, and I have been struggling to get by in the subject since. Because of this constant struggle, which I am sure many students can relate to. I had no confidence in the classroom, although I wanted to pass the classes. I felt discouraged and that resulted in a complete loss of motivation. I felt lost, frustrated, and like it was impossible to get back on track. I have worked with many other tutors throughout my middle and high school years hoping to end the struggle. I would spend hours working with them, and still I didn't understand. This only made me more frustrated and discouraged."

Finally I got together with Hovik, within minuets I was thinking, 'hey, this guy actually knows what he is doing". His knowledge and ability to understand a problem and break it down for me allowed me to understand. That was my source of hope. I realized it was possible with the right guidance. I got my motivation back & decided to commit to really "getting this", so I can take the final math test. Just a few months before I was receiving grades of D's and even F's in my geometry class. Guess what I got on my final test. B+. I was just a few points away from receiving an A. That's pretty good for a girl who never got all her multiplication down. I think the base of education is motivation. No one can force you to learn. But when you have a support system & you see that the goal can become a reality, the motivation comes too."

"I couldn't have found a better support system. We got the work done, & cracked some jokes while at it in the comfortable, supportive environment. I truly believe Hovik's help got me through high school. And now I am onto the next chapter. Thank you Hovik!"
- Cherilyn Wilson, Actress 90120, Burbank

"Please tell Arvin that Mark got 100% on his final. Therefore, he passed the class and will take Algebra I next year. Thank you for providing such superb tutoring on such short notice!"
- Carol Attarian, Glendale

"Thanks Hovik for all your support throughout the years. It has been extremely helpful"
- Suren, Sunil & Renu, Arcadia

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with you and your company of tutors. Without your help I don't think we would have made it through Pedro's sophomore year. Thank you for your guidance, help, and wonderful staff. Pedro was able to go into his final exams with confidence and ease, your patience and perseverance has paid itself twice over"
- Anna Maria Quintana, Actress, Glendale

"Dear Mr. Hovik, thank you for all of your help, guidance and patience. My husband and I really appreciate it. We wish you all the best"
- Tchakian Family, La Crescenta

"I feel so fortunate to have found your tutoring company. Your tutor helped my son with the algebra. She motivated him and was very helpful. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who is in need of a tutor"
- Ingrid Derks, Sunland

"My 6-year old son would never ever sit down & do his homework, but now when he knows his tutor is coming he prepares all his notebooks & waits by the door for her. Lila is the best tutor ever & I hope she will tutor my son until he graduates"
- Mary Hakimi, Valley College Instructor, Sherman Oaks

"The Bravo Learning Center tutor was not only a competent teacher but had a nice personality. For the first time my 10th grade son started looking forward to his tutoring sessions and his Math grade improved immediately"
- Lida Vartanian, Glendale

"I want to thank you for the great service. You are the first consultant who seems to have a complete grasp of the computer technology. I hate to tell you how much time & money I have wasted with less competent technicians. I have recommended you to several friends & will continue to do so"
- Sydney Brisker, 89, Los Angeles

"You were the greatest tutor that I ever had. You helped me in every subject as well as preparing me for jobs with resume & cover letter"
- Natalie Miller, College Student, Los Angeles

"The tutoring I received with Bravo Learning Center helped me achieve a great grade in my college Algebra class, which I never thought was possible. I understood the material and felt confident with my skills. Thank you"
- Layce Lonsdale, College Student, Arcadia

"I started getting tutoring help for one kid & ended up for all the three kids. The tutoring helped them all. I was very impressed"
- Ruthe Fesperman, LA (Eagle Rock)

"Bravo Learning Center has helped both our children ages 13 & 15 gain a new found confidence with their Math & Chemistry skills"
- Mario & Debbie Deras, Van Nuys

"You helped my son to love reading & studying. I recommend Roozbeh without any reservation. He was very helpful, excellent tutor, efficient, intelligent & always pleasant. Thank you again"
- Dalida Keur, Glendale

"My 7th grade daughter was getting a C- in Math. But after 4 hours of tutoring she received an A in her next test. Your tutor, Krsitine, also happens to be a wonderful person & we are extremely happy with her. We would definitely recommend you to all of our friends"
- Eliza Papazian, LA (Los Feliz)

"After just a couple of weeks I have already started seeing a change in my 4-year old. Suzy is a very nice person, focused and very good with kids. She is very patient and has great ability to manage the balance between fun and study"
- Suja Chandrasekaran, IT Director, Burbank

"Thank you so much for being so patient while giving me computer lesson "
- Lisa Hill, Los Angeles

"Many thanks for your patience & excellent "tutelage" in helping this 70-year old college junior pass a complex computer class with flying colors. It was only possible with your excellent help"
- Lynn Rossi, La Canada

"Taking computer classes with you has changed my life enormously towards a better life. Economical & relationship wise. Now I have a full time job & I am able to keep in touch with friends & family all over the world on Internet. I feel like I am somebody important & that makes me happy. Thank you so much for your excellent & professional service"
- Soheila Karimi, La Canada

"Our sons have been tutored by Kathrin for the last six months. We are very satisfied & our sons have progressed in their entire academic courses at their schools. We are personally thankful for Kathrin's enthusiasm & teaching our sons to achieve their goals"
- Sylvie Nenedzhyan, Glendale & Lilit Gasparian, N Hollywood

"Hovik, you are a wonderful teacher"
- Melissa May, College Student, Pasadena

"I just want you to know how much we appreciate the tutoring services that you have provided us. Your tutor Armine was always on time & had a professional attitude. She really knew math & helped my daughter Katie a lot. We would love to have her back again in the fall, when the new school year starts"
- Laura White, Sunland

"Arno was a great statistics tutor who worked around my schedule. He was easy to get along & understand. I am very happy with your services, plan to use it next semester again & would recommend you to everyone"
- Jeffery Allen, College Student, Glendale

"Thank you so much Hovik, you have the best tutor in the world! Armine was the best tutor. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't pass my math classes. If I need help in other classes I will definitely call you!"
- Kristine Batriz, College Student, North Hollywood

"To Mr. Hovik and staff: Thank you very much for help me and everything and love always. See you soon"
- Eric Grigorian and family, Glendale

"I noticed changes in my 9-th grade son immediately. His confidence is now back. His Science grade improved from a D to a B+. The tutor was great & really cared. She was always on time & even put extra time. I would definitely recommend your company"
- Ruzanna Papazyan, Van Nuys

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