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Games are an important part of learning. We provide indiviual lessons and a weekly game club, with the main focus on Chess.

The Bravo Chess Club

You Play and Learn the Game

Students Who Play Chess
Demonstrate Greater Academic Performance



  • Students learn how to:
    • Devise Strategies
    • Organize Thoughts
    • Analyze and Plan
    • Problem-Solve
    • Count and Work With Numbers
    • Deal with Winning and Losing
    • Understand Choices and Risks
  • Students develop:
    • Greater Patience
    • Greater Self-Esteem
    • Strong Logic and Reason
    • Understand Choices and Risks
    • Critical Thinking
    • Analytical Skills
    • Focus and Concentration


    • Originated in Eastern India or Persia 1,500 Years Ago
    • Spread to Europe 1,000 Years Ago
    • Game Structure and Nature is Related to Several Branches of Mathematics
    • There is Extensive Scientific Literature on Chess Psychology

    • Helps with Pattern Recognition
    • Increases Attention Span
    • Improves Algebraic and Geometric Thinking
    • Increases Memory Capacity
    • Teaches Good Sportsmanship
    • Encourages Understanding of Choice and Consequences
    • Teaches Good Sportsmanship


    • One of the Oldest Games in the World
    • Originated in Iran 5,000 Years Ago
    • Played Widely in Europe and Middle East
    • Has Been Studied with Great Interest By Computer Scientists

    • Computer Programs Can Beat Best Human Players
    • Unlike Chess Luck Plays a Major Part (The Dice)
    • Because of the Luck Factor it is Fun to Play


    • Originated in China Over 2,500 Years Ago
    • Very Popular in East Asia
    • Has Simple Rules but Rich in Strategy
    • Average of 200 Posiible Moves at a Given Time
    • 320 Billion Possibilites for the Next 4 Moves

    • Go is a Very Logical Game
    • Requires High Level of Intelligence
    • There are Over 50 Million Go Players Worldwide
    • Go is a Non-Chance Combinatorial Game
    • No Computer Programs Can Play at Expert Level


    • A Similar Game was Played 5,000 Years Ago
    • The Game is also Called Draught in Some Countries
    • Much Simpler Than Chess

    • In 2007 a Computer Program Analyzed All 500 Billion Possible Games
    • It Took Over 20 Years to Develop the Computer Program
    • It Determined that with Perfect Play the Game is Always a Draw

    Card Games

    • Originated 1,000 Years Ago in China
    • Teach Students Probability and Statistics
    • Students Learn How to Analyze Possibilities

    • Multiple Players Provide Increased Social Interaction
    • Perfect to Teach Children Addition and Subtration
    • Multiple Players Provide Increased Social Interaction

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