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Bravo was established in 2001 by Hovik Mardirossian, a college instructor, to provide affordable, quality learning for all ages. Hovik's philosophy to teaching is based on positive feedback and constant encouragement that ultimately helps students reach their untapped potential. Every student is unique and has the ability to learn at his or her own level and pace; understanding this is fundamental to teaching. Teaching begins by exposing the students' strengths and building upon those strengths.

Our After School Program

Director Hovik Mardirossian

Bravo Is Everywhere

Our Bravo Building in Glendale

About US

  • We Beat All Rates In The LA Area
  • We Are The Best Learning Center In Los Angeles
  • Our Students Ranged From 4 To 91 Years Old
  • We Support Families, Businesses, and Government Agencies
  • We Were Featured In Local Newspapers and On Cable TV
  • We Work Closely With Teachers To Assist Our Students
  • We Help Your Child Reach Her/His Full Potential
  • We Tutor Students Across The United States
  • We Are Open Every Day Of The Year
  • We Sponsor Low-Income Students From Local Schools

About Our Founder And President

Name: Hovik Mardirossian
Education: M. S. In Computer Science, B. S. In Mathematics
Training: Management, Business and Marketing
Academia: College Instructor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Experience: Information Technology, For-Profit and Non-Profit Corporations
Industries: NASA, FAA, Environment
Companies: Computer Sciences Corp., Peat Marwick, The Nature Conservancy
Positions Held: Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chess: Rated As An Expert By The United States Chess Federation


Bravo has been featured in the local press where the Glendale News Press ran two articles, in 2001 and 2008, both on the front page of their business section. La Canada News Press wrote an article about Bravo in 2003. Local cable TV stations have invited Bravo to their programs to discuss the services we provide to the community

Our Clients

Our clients include individuals, families, schools, colleges, businesses, and government agencies. Bravo has had contracts with small and large companies, providing them with computer training. We have also provided computer training and tutoring to the families of low income housing locations via California state contracts

Our Future

Bravo strives to improve on a continuous basis, providing the best and most affordable service to our students. Currently, we are working on a new service to provide online tutoring to anyone across the United States
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